New toys…

Thursday, March 6th, 2008 @ 8:04 pm | me, toys

Ok I admit it, I'm attracted to tech gadgets. However I think I'm pretty picky about the gadgets I carry around regularily, so most end up being objects of hate more than objects of lust after a fairly short amount of time.

Notable exceptions to this include my first PowerBook (G4, 1.5ghz, 15"), my third (and current) MacBook Pro, and my Canon EOS 20D (sold) and 40D (current) DSLRs. The rest fall through because of lacks in build- or software quality, poor interaction with other devices, lousy, limiting and/or cumbersome user interfaces, nasty appearance, etc.

Today, I might just have found a gadget that will be a success with me. The MacBook Air. I got the SSD model (employer pays ;), but even without SSD, I've got to say that it simply feels "right". Time will tell if it stays that way. Watch this space for updates.


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