Upgraded to 7.0 (now what?)

Friday, February 29th, 2008 @ 8:34 am | Anduin

 Yesterday, immediately following the release announcement, I upgraded Anduin.net and all the jails to 7.0. This should give somewhat better performance, especially when under load. Not to mention it's the latest and greatest, which gives a certain satisfaction in knowing.

 Port rebuilds will follow shortly. Unfortunately, being a time-consuming process, the possibility exists that some services may be rendered unavailable or unpredictable for short (couple of hours at most) periods of time. I usually let the updates run while I sleep, and it might (will) happen that something either needs my input or breaks in some way. 

 Technically, I'm not on 7.0, but on 7-STABLE. I have decided to follow RELENG_7 instead of RELENG_7_0, as I expect some fairly important and relevant updates to hit that tree soonish, and I'd like to catch them when that happens. 

 One of the most interesting new features in the 7 series of FreeBSD is ZFS - the first real revolution in file system technology in decades (discuss!). The list of features it offers is very long, but the most relevant to Anduin would be filesystem quotas, excellent small-file performance, fast snapshots, error resilience. I've already started planning the move to ZFS, and any input from you users would be welcome. In particular, I want to move all jails to a ZFS filesystem as soon as possible, having very good experience with that on other systems.

Take care!


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