Scientology and other quacks

Thursday, April 23rd, 2009 @ 10:41 am | Uncategorized

Todays VG Nett brings the story about how three of their journalists used hidden cameras to expose the so-called "personality tests" performed by the Church of Scientology. They run their story by Olav G. Ballo, a norwegian politician whose daughter committed suicide last year, allegedly after taking the same test as the VG journalists.

First off: The so-called "Church of Scientology" is bad. It's one of the worst groups of extremists - for the lack of a better word - in the world. Calling it a church is a outright lie; the main goals of the organization is to make money. In order to reach their goals, they shun no measures, and have devised ways of breaking people down to the point where they "belong" to the organization and would do anything for its leaders. People have been financially ruined, fallen medically ill, lost/broken contact with family and friends, committed suicide and probably even killed - all because of, and in the name of, scientology.

However I cannot help feeling a little uneasy at the characteristics offered by Mr. Ballo about the scientologists methods and their suggested solutions to the problems they claim to uncover through their tests. While I have the deepest sympathy for him and his family, and mourn their loss as much as anyone, I find it interesting that he should be allowed to classify anyone as quacks. After all he has - quite publically - admitted to believing in healing by prayer, and supports the idea of alternative treatments based on religion and belief. All this while recently being appointed head of the Norwegian institute of forensic science.

Why is one any worse than the other, Ballo?

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